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Sharing Thoughts Part 2 Sharing Thoughts Part 2

 I was asked to expand upon what I meant by "alignment first then, taking action."  I stated in the last message, "I try to wait until I am in alignment before I take action."

Let's see....what's the best way to expand upon this and explain alignment. This might be a good angle to take to explain it:

I've recently begun doing couples Reiki treatments. I pull up a chair between two reiki tables and place one hand on each of the partners.  Sometimes before either of them express anything, it's important for them to get into alignment first.  Alignment is being connected with your higher self. It is a state of calm peace, a feeling of quiet knowingness that everything is fine just as it is, and you feel naturally present and centered. 
You know you are out of alignment anytime you are experiencing negative emotions.

I encourage the couple to wait until they are in alignment before they discuss relationship issues.  The communication that occurs between two people when they are aligned is entirely different than from a mis-aligned place.  Something we have all witnessed or personally engaged in throughout life to know and completely understand what I am saying here.

Just as the universe often mirrors back the energy we are sending out, so do people mirror back the energy we send out.  (universal law states, that which is likened to itself is drawn).  It's a great analogy really; that is tangible to observe.  When we are angry we often elicit anger in our partner.  When we come from a genuinely loving place (it must be genuine, it can't be faked), we often elicit the same loving communication from our partner. The Universe is matching us all the time in the same way.  So, the real key is to be honest with yourself and get clear on the vibration you are sending out. 

For example, I could tell my partner that I am fine, but my vibe is that I feel resentment.  The same with manifesting, I can say I am open to money flowing into my experience, but if I hold resentment or frustration about money I'm truly not allowing it in. I'm gonna attract another experience that feels frustrating.  see how it works?  If I'm coming from a place of lack or better stated, sending out a vibe of lack, that is what the universe attracts things to match up with it. (that which is likened to itself is drawn).

How might I move myself into alignment or another way to say this is how might I sync up more fully or consistently to the source within me that always sees from love, acceptance, appreication, and abundance?  Our higher self or Source within us is always viewing all things from a loving perspective.  Anytime we are not seeing things from a loving place we are out of synch with our higher self.  Each day that I take the moment to get myself into that higher vibration of alignment, it sets the tone for the rest of the day.  The conversations I have that day shift, the memories I ponder, my digestion, my vitality will shift.  My concept of my time and the energy I have to accomplish things that day.  How I relate to every person, place, or thing throughout the day will all shift based on me taking that time to get into alignment first, then taking action.

If you care about how you feel and let your dominant intent to align with what feels good and right for you (and let go of what anyone else thinks about you) then you start to direct your life the way you intend it. You begin intentionally manifesting. 

Do this aligning by focusing on how it feels, maintaining that feeling as long as you can during those times. Doing this trains your vibration to carve a notch into your body memory and allows you to go back to that feeling place more easily each time. Do this aligning by recognizing anytime  you are feeling negative it is because you are focused on the lack of what you want instead of having what you want. So, turn your attention away from what you don't want and put it completely on what you want.   Another way to shift into alignment is to Stop and make 5 to 10 comments of appreciation. Appreciation is very similar to the feeling of love, if you say aloud 5 or 6 awesome things you appreciate (it can be anything).. you start to feel uplifted immediately,(try it....see don't you feel better already just after 5 statements of appreciation. It really works),  It is a  great technique to use to shift into alignment.  Then there are those times when the issue holds so much emotional charge you must truly touch in with those feelings and do the inner healing necessary to transmute those feelings to feel good again. These are the times I lay down and do a self-treatment. These are the times I encourage clients and friends to come in to see me for a treatment.  (If you experience trauma, heartbreak, or injustice. You will likely need energy healing to shift that emotional experience). 

Effort outside of alignment is so much more effort than from within alignment.  People are often exhausted or have a feeling that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done.  When you are in alignment you have energy, time is often lost or unimportant. We have all had times we get lost in creating something fun and stay up really late on it without even noticing it or feeling the least bit tired.  when we are synched in with our source we tap into that limitless source of energy that feeds our soul and uplifts our spirits.

Lots of love,


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