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Getting into the Vortex/Zone Getting into the Vortex/Zone

Most of you know what I mean by getting into the zone. Or getting into the vortex. Athletes use the term a lot. We have all experienced that feeling of being on top of the world, everything is lined up and goes perfectly and feels magical! We all strive to live in the vortex/zone within our lives as much as possible. This feeling is the same feeling as "being in love". It is the feeling state we all desire. It is the place in which all our desires exist and are awaiting us to align with them. It is a real vibrational place in which we simply need to align to. Always present. Always available.

Together we are spending our time getting into the vortex in our Monday night Manifesting Group. We had a fabulous time last week, it feels delicious in the vortex! I have been diligently seeking the understanding of how to create a prosperous consciousness for years now. Last month in June I attending a Seminar with Abraham Hicks and walked away knowing "I Got It!" I truly got it! The "How To" part of manifesting. From the teachings of Abraham Hicks I taught everyone my own version of the three steps to getting into the vortex/zone. Each time we get into our alignment and experience that feeling, the vibrational feeling in our bodies, we can more easily access it on a daily basis. We are literally training our vibration to match that which we want. Come to the meetings to learn how to get into alignment and recognize how it feels in your body.

There are 3 steps to getting into the vortex. The power of the teaching is in the visceral experience of it. The one-dimensional words never captures the essence the way the energy of the moment of energetically entering the vortex within the group context can. Come in to experience it, bring it into your lives and feel the power of the embodiment of this unfold into an abundant consciousness within your thoughts and emotions. This raises your vibration to match the things you desire. Once you have trained your vibration into alignment with that which you desire- law of attraction must bring it to you. But do it because it feels breath-taking, and it makes you happy, and it feels great. Don't do it to have that thing, do it because it feels good to be in the vortex.

We are vibrational beings and the universe is responding to the vibration we are sending out all the time.

The key to manifesting is to understand this fact. Understand you are a vibrational being.

Then take that understanding and apply the 3 steps to aligning with your desires(all your desires are within the vortex).

Step 1- Notice when you are having a negative emotion (any time you are having a negative emotion, you are out of alignment)

Step 2- Get into alignment (alignment is that place of peace and feeling hopeful)

Step 3- Go into the vortex (align your energy with your desires, feel it - dream it- muse about it-amplify it with every thought, emotion, description, detail, and thought, word, or emotion you can imagine that holds you in the feeling state of having that desire in the moment). The more you do this, the more you train your vibration to match what you want and then it has to appear in your physical world.

And on those days that you simply are having a tough day. Just go into the art of allowing.

Just simply allow. Don't take action, only do what you need to do and simply focus on allowing.

Try to only take action from within alignment. Wait until you are in alignment to work through issues with your partner, to contemplate concerns, to work out issues with friends/family. Only take action when you are in alignment.

Take these words to heart and learn to embody how to align your energy with that which you want and you will transform your life!

You will begin to feel that prosperous consciousness and see those things appearing in your life you have always dreamed of!

With love and light,

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